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reducing complexity

The importance of the brand is greater today than ever before. The more complex the world becomes, the more sophisticated and detailed the technology is, the more networked billions of people are, the more transparently millions of products appear on the market, the more it takes the orientation and radiance of the brand to make a company´s relevance noticeable.

holistic brand strategy, consulting and conception

– Brand development / brand conception (from scratch and in all facets)
– Brand sharpening (review and development of an existing brand)
– Brand implementation (establishing consistent brand leadership & management)
– Brand ambassador, change manager

when it comes to your brand I can support you in ALL aspects

– Analysis of brand, market, competition, target group, trends
– Inspiring and clear definition of your brand (using common or specially developed models and presentation methods)
– The transfer from theory to practice: conception and recommendations for action for:

> culture (attitude, values, behaviour)
> story (the fascinating tale)
> people (HR, Employer Branding Strategy)
> content (themes, information and stories)
> design (visual concept/language of the brand)
> communication (effective, holistic)
> product (brand-relevant product, service and sales development)

distinctiveness of my approach

holistic efficiency & added value

I see the brand as a holistic efficiency and value creation tool. If you take brand seriously, you have a powerful and long-term management and control tool in your hands and can positively develop the value of the brand, the value for money of the products as well as the loyalty of the employees & customers.


The approach can be realised on the smallest as well as the largest scale. I.e. from a small start-up to a corporate group. Brand is possible with any budget.

swiss army knife of branding

I am a strategist, consultant and concept developer in one person. I do not deliver pure theory, but clear ways and recommendations for action for the implementation. I can contribute textually, conceptually and visually (moods, worlds, design concepts) very far to the realisation, moderate it and, if desired, guide the whole process.


With over two decades of experience, I have worked successfully for almost all important industries, sectors, and all types of company or non-profit organisations and brands. I have worked in the best agencies and for national and international blue chip brands, but also for small companies and am an entrepreneur myself.


I develop and lead teams, processes and projects of all sizes and bring the right people together.

new old school

I’m an old school man, but I’ve always been afraid of too many conventions. For you this means: a word is a word, the highest standard of my work is set by myself and what I don’t know today, I know 24 hours later better than most people. You can rely on that. I am a service provider and consultant. I do everything for you that I can represent as a consultant. This means that you must sometimes expect hard honesty. My capital is my mind and my gut feeling – that’s why I don’t like to have these two locked up in a corset. If you want “out of the box” ideas that will take you further, then allow me the necessary distance to fully immerse myself in your brand and your company.

yes, I do, too:*

– Concept-Writing: Texts with conceptual depth and verve
– Design Concepts
– Pictorial Worlds
– Conception and moderation of workshops
– Presentation development
– New Business Presentations (pitches, pitch lead)
– Pitch consulting (agency selection, agency briefing, evaluation)
– Campaign briefings and campaign development
– PR strategy / consulting / press and public relations (in cooperation)
– Sustainability consulting (in cooperation)
– Architecture (in cooperation)
– Corporate Design (in cooperation)
– Campaign Design (in cooperation)
– Editorial Design (in cooperation)
– Interior Design (in cooperation)
– Packaging Design (in cooperation)
– Product Design (in cooperation)
– Platform development (websites, apps – in cooperation)
– Illustration (in cooperation)
– Explanatory films (in cooperation)
– Social Media Strategy and Community Management (in cooperation)
– Professional articles, interviews, keynote speaker

*In case I’ve forgotten anything: Sometimes I don’t even know what to call myself but specialized generalist with specialist knowledge in numerous fields of expertise. I think holistically and that does not exclude anything. Unfortunately, this is said too often and then not meant and not delivered. So I have to list possibilities that make sense, that I have already done or for which I have incredibly great people in my network, to give you a solid understanding of the universe of branding and related fields that can and have to be mastered.

let’s do it – everything that is necessary