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“I see brand as an honest friend and ally with whom you can move the world and inspire people”


I am happy that you have found your way to my website. I am a brand consultant with a firm conviction and with the passion, the ingenuity and the empathy that is needed to really get to the relevant core of a brand and to genuinely feel it. I love brands, because brands are not only one of the oldest, but also the strongest, most personal and – in the truest sense of the word – meaningful tools to convey value and values. It’s all about character, attitude, philosophy, personality – and real relevance and meaning for the people the brand was developed for. Because brands create above all connection, orientation and identification for people. It was already known centuries ago how strongly a brand radiates to the outside world and can influence its counterpart. Every legend, every heroic story, every myth knows the mechanisms of a good brand.

The brand not only makes the ideals and values of the owner visible, it also always paints a picture of the times in which it moves. Nevertheless, a brand can only become a strong and lasting brand if it achieves timeless meaning at its core, which always remains the same, but in its interpretation can move with the times.

Every (good) brand is unique. And to bring out this uniqueness, or to sharpen it, requires work and certainly no textbook approach. Only when a brand is inspiring and able to convey intuitively what it is about, why it is valuable to work for it or to use its services – only then does it develop the power to move people. The work for a brand should be as unique as the brand itself. Not every brand model can be imposed on every brand. The development or sharpening of a brand and the design, content and behavioural principles based on it must always be rethought and put in the appropriate framework.

I have been working for brands for 22 years and have had the good fortune to work for a large number of brands from a wide range of industries, countries and continents over the last decades. In the end, however, it was always important for me to keep my distance and develop my own perspective and approach. I trust in gut feeling and intuition. I am an analytic person and know every market, social trends and future currents. The combination of both enables me to grasp complex interrelationships very quickly, to recognize the core of a brand and to develop it further on all levels in such a way that it meets the market but at least as convincingly with the feeling, attitudes and perceptions of the people.

Increasing interchangeability of products and services has made the brand “en vogue” today. And every crisis makes the strength and significance of the brand much clearer to all of us, too. Then new buzzwords emerge, which sound beautiful and exciting, but often don’t recognize the brand for what it is. They help to arouse interest but are of little use if the focus is on individual facets and not on the holistic principle. I have always been interested in a holistic view of the brand, the meaning, the inspiration and the significance for people. A holistic system that orientates, guides, inspires, stimulates and connects in all aspects.

In this sense: the brand is your friend

Robert Heim